Descent of the River Sella in canoe

que-hacer-1 Una One of the active tourism / adventure most in demand in Spain, the descent of the River Sella in canoe. In summer hundreds of people dare with this unforgettable experience. Since 6 years old.

Horseback riding

que-hacer-4 Enjoy the nature of Asturias, the mountains, the river, the meadows, horse riding. An experience you can not miss. Please be advised of all activities at the reception.


que-hacer-2 Our beaches are well known for its great waves. You can not miss a good surf session in Ribadesella and beaches before you leave. Rental and courses, surfcamps, I reported this to reception. Do not miss it.

Quad routes

The quad are “4-wheel motorcycles.” A great way to approach the Asturian landscapes and nature. They will guide the paths that are only passable by these bikes 4 × 4. It is a highly recommended experience motorized, engine and nature, for all ages.


Download this activity adrenaline shot with paintballs. If you come in a group will not be missed. Recognized as an exceptional group activity for companies, bachelor parties and groups of friends.

Canyoning descent

Canyoning is an official instructor for the more adventurous experience. Adrenaline, beauty and nature.

Route Cheese and Cider

que-hacer-3 Una One of the most famous gastronomic routes in Eastern Asturias. If you love the Asturian cuisine will not be disappointed at all. Nationally recognized route.

Rasa de Berbes Golf

If you love golf, you want to get started, or just a fun day. Visit the Golf de la Rasa.


In Asturias hiking becomes natural. Many routes or improvisation. In any form, beauty and fun are guaranteed.

Beaches: Santa Marina, Vega, Guadamía, La Atalaya, Arra, Cuevas del Mar

que-hacer-5 Our beaches are a well-known beauty. Never miss Arra and Guadamía, and will know what a real wild beach.

Regional cuisine. Restaurants and Cider.

If you love the cuisine or just want to experience eating in Asturias you can visit many restaurants and cider with prices for all pockets and typical Asturian menu.

Places of interest

Ribadesella Tourist Office. Ribadesella village: Historic Area and Hermitage Guide. Water Caves Llames Jesters Pria and Guadamía beach. Tereñes village.